Monday, March 23, 2015



Once upon a time there was a little boy who  had big dreams to be a superhero. 13 years later he was the best superhero around. Everyone and I mean everyone was talking about him and his name was Captain extreme.  The reason he wanted to be a superhero is because his parents were killed by the most evil villains around. They were killed one mysterious night a few evil villains snuck into there house when they were sleeping and hid bombs. The villains quickly snuck out 10 seconds later BOOM!!!  the house was on fire luckily they had fire alarms so captain extreme or toby I should say was woken up and he rushed outside as fast as he could. Unfortunately when the villains snuck in they gave his parents sleeping pills so they couldn’t wake up. This all happened when toby was 5. Captain extreme has the power to imagine anything and it will happen or become real. Awesome right oh yeah just one thing it only works when captain extreme is by the crystal at the end of his wand. Sometimes when captain extreme takes the crystal off his wand to clean it he forgets he has it and leaves it in his pocket oh no. Captain extreme  has a sidekick called mr fox.

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  1. That story is really interesting I like how you have put BOOM! in big capital letters it really shows a lot :D