Wednesday, October 29, 2014


To work or not
This task is about making inferences from texts.

Read the four letters to the Editor and answer the questions that follow.
Everyday after school I have to go straight to my job at the supermarket.  I do this everyday.  Sometimes they ask me to work later.  My parents think I need to work to help the family.  I am very tired every night.  I sometimes even fall asleep at my desk. Life is hard.
I don't agree with students who complain about an after-school job.  I deliver newspapers 6 days a week and I still have time to watch TV and play games with my friends. Lots of students have jobs to do. When our teacher questions our effort some of the class say they are too tired.  I think they are lazy.

Having an after-school job is very important. It's a good change from school and I like my job at McDonalds, it's fun and interesting. My Mum and Dad appreciate my working and not asking them for money, but they sometimes worry that I am missing out on other school activities. I like it when I can help the family.
I think having an after-school job is a bad idea. We need time to do other important things. I play basketball twice a week and that keeps me fit. I am also learning the guitar and in the future I want to be a musician. If I worked I'd have no time for sport and music.  It's also important to have time with our friends.
a)   Who thinks that an after-school job is a bad idea?  Highlight one or more of
     the names below.
Kirsten            Jabez           Hue              Nick
b) Which student is finding working after school hard?  Nick      

Why? Because he has sports

c)      Which student discusses other students' opinions? Jabez

d)      Imagine you have to give a talk to your class about the four letters to the editor.  Highlight   the letter of the best title for your class talk.

        (A)    Why after-school jobs are important.
        (B)    What students think about after-school jobs.
        (C)    What we can learn from after-school jobs.
        (D)    How after-school work helps parents cope financially.

e)      Draw lines to connect each student with the main idea of their letter.

Nick 2
         After-school work is useful and enjoyable.
Kirsten 3
Students must have time to do a range of things.
Jabez 4
After-school work is demanding and tiring.
Hue 1
Concerns about after-school work are not serious.

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