Friday, October 31, 2014

An Unbelievable Adventure


“GET READY TO FIRE THE CANNON” the captain shouted at me. We were in war yet all our pirate crew wanted to do was sail the seven seas, find all hidden the treasure, capture all the pirate crews and take their ships and treasure. It’s not much really and for us it would be easy because we are by the best and awesomest crew around. “3,2,1, FIRE” shouted the captain. “BOOM” we shot hooray we hit we have three canons and we hit there ship in the right spot the everyone in the other crew jumped of the ships and started swimming away and people from my crew were all ready over fixing their ship. we hooked it up behind the other ships that we had. We caught the crew and made them our prisoners then we went fishing and caught heaps of fish. That night we had to get up at 12:00 pm because we were in war again but this time we were in war with a giant octopus and so far it was winning once again we fired the cannons we hit him he fell down under the water we cheered hooray we thought he was gone when all of a sudden we heard a big splash. We were being lifted up into the air by the giant octopus. AAAAAHHHHHH we were being tipped into the water splash I woke up I was outside in our old boat, wearing a life jacket, holding a paddle and I was soaking wet. I stood up to see my sister standing in front of me holding an empty bucket. “You have a sleepwalking problem” she said. I nodded in disappointment.
The End.

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