Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Big And Very Crazy Party

Write 3 paragraphs explaining what just happened.

The Big And Very Crazy Party

Here’s a new story one you’ve never heard before about two dogs. The names of the dogs are whiskers and coco. Whiskers is a cheeky dog who loves to play he is a creamy color and he is two years old. Coco is also very playful, he is quite smart and loves to boss whiskers around. Coco is a chocolaty color and he is three years old. One day one very special day coco overheard his owners talking. They were talking about their daughters birthday she was turning nine. That night they took her out to a restaurant. When they left coco told whiskers about the party. When whiskers heard cocos plan whisker jumped up and ran into a cuboard coco heard a few crash noises then whiskers ran out dragging streamers, ribbons and loads of different party stuff. Whiskers darted around the house hanging all the ribbons and streamers up and in no time at all they were ready for the party. They had heaps of time so whiskers  got out some silly string whiskers and coco started playing with the silly string. When their owners returned whiskers and coco realized something was wrong.        

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