Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Big And Very Crazy Party

Write 3 paragraphs explaining what just happened.

The Big And Very Crazy Party

Here’s a new story one you’ve never heard before about two dogs. The names of the dogs are whiskers and coco. Whiskers is a cheeky dog who loves to play he is a creamy color and he is two years old. Coco is also very playful, he is quite smart and loves to boss whiskers around. Coco is a chocolaty color and he is three years old. One day one very special day coco overheard his owners talking. They were talking about their daughters birthday she was turning nine. That night they took her out to a restaurant. When they left coco told whiskers about the party. When whiskers heard cocos plan whisker jumped up and ran into a cuboard coco heard a few crash noises then whiskers ran out dragging streamers, ribbons and loads of different party stuff. Whiskers darted around the house hanging all the ribbons and streamers up and in no time at all they were ready for the party. They had heaps of time so whiskers  got out some silly string whiskers and coco started playing with the silly string. When their owners returned whiskers and coco realized something was wrong.        

The Story Of Leapy The Frog


The Story Of Leapy The Frog.

It all started the 1st day of summer when leapy was jumping around the backyard of his house gathering bits and pieces for something so amazing something that he had been working on for days something so tricky that only one frog had ever tried it before and that one frog that tried it never returned. Leapy was building a boat to sail around the world. Leapy worked hard on his boat all day and all night.

He only took breaks when his mum called for  him in for lunch and dinner. Finally when the rest of Leapy’s family were about to get up Leapy finished his boat and he was so tired that he fall asleep in his boat. Leapy woke up to find his family waiting for him with his breakfast so he got up and ate his breakfast. That afternoon he went down to the small pond that wasn't that far from his house to test his boat.

First he put his boat in with nothing in it then he pushed it to the other side of the pond then leapy jumped around to the other side of the pond to catch the boat it floated perfectly. Then he put a few rocks inside his boat and pushed it to the other side. “So far so good” leapy said to his self as he leaped to the other side of the pond with his eye still on the boat. Once again the boat made it safely to the other side of the pond. Then it was time for leapy to test the boat properly. Leapy climbed into the boat. As leapy sat down he realized that something was missing. Leapy wasn’t sure what was missing then he realized he needed a paddle so he gathered stuff around for his paddle. When he finished his paddle he climbed in his boat and paddled across the pond and his boat was floating perfectly.

When leapy came home added a bit more to his boat. Leapy added stuff like a flap and important things that he would need. That night a strange frog washed up on shore he leaped up to leapy‘s house he saw the boat and realized that he was going to try to sail around the world so he took the boat and messed it up. When he returned the boat it just looked like a shelter. That morning when leapy woke up he went outside to check his boat when he saw his boat he almost had a heart attack he jumped right up to his boat there on what used to be an amazing boat was a note. The note was from the most naughtiest frog he had stolen leapys boat. It was then that leapy realized that if he sailed around the world he would be gone for such a long time that he would really miss his family. So leapy stayed with his family forever. He did not want to leave his family at all.