Friday, August 01, 2014


Who in Hastings loves rugby the most ? Dad is very funny he is always being sarcastic and joking around. When ever he is in a good mood there is always a smile on his face and when he is in a bad mood you better do what he tells you. Dad can also be very cheeky like whenever mum is away we usually have takeaways for tea and a yummy breakfast. Or when we are leaving and somebody is taking to long dad will pretend to leave them behind.

Dad is also really fun like in the summer he will always have water balloon fights with us. He really likes rugby and he is often doing stuff that has something to do with rugby. He always has something to do. My dad doesn't really get any time with me and Bo because we are all busy. You will usually find dad somewhere doing something to do with rugby.

Dad is always running around because he always has somewhere he has to be. On Mondays and thursdays dad has tenth grade practice, on fridays he has bo’s rugby practice. On saturdays he refs rugby, has bo’s rugby and he also has tenth grades rugby game. When dad has free time he always spends it with bo and me.

Rugby is really special to dad.  He started playing rugby when he was  young and is still playing a few games of rugby now. Dad also spends a lot of time on facebook and youtube. Dad acts like he is still young, well, thats what I have heard mum say. Dad is maori he loves taking us to anything exciting and important at our marae and sometimes we go there to visit and look around but every time we go there we visit our urupa (graveyard ).  

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