Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Cloudy Lesson

A Cloudy Lesson

“Are you ready to make some clouds ?” said the old man to the little boy “okay” replied the little boy, “but how ?”. “With this” said the man taking what looked like a old rusty bubble blower out of a neat wooden box with velvet  inside. Then he put it on a stand in a little hole then he blew in it then out came a cloud. “Now it is your turn”said the man the little boy stood on the stand took a deep breath and blew into it then out came a …
tiny cloud. Just a little tiny cloud hmm thought the man “Try again“ said the man and he told the boy to blow harder “like this” said the man showing him now your turn. He blew into the cloud maker but this time nothing happened the boy tried again and again and the third time he he fell over landed on top of the cloud maker he stood up revealing the broken cloud maker “oh no” said the man it was in the wrong shape the boy tried to fix it but it didn’t work  just got worse. Then the little boys face lit up he had a plan. He started to fiddle with it until it was in the shape of a star  then he handed it to the man he blew into it and he made a star shaped cloud then the man gave it back to the boy this time the boy made it into a bunny then gave it to the man he did the same thing except this time when he blew into it it made a bunny shaped cloud then the man made it into the shape of a heart but this time he man gave it to the boy he blew into it and out came not a big heart but not a small heart it was just the right size the man hugged the boy and the boy hugged him back. :)


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