Friday, July 25, 2014

The Movies

Wow what an exciting day on Tuesday we had a movie night.  It started  when we went to Breakers for lunch  and then we went to the movies. We watched how to train your Dragon 2 it was really funny and cool.

In how to train your Dragon 2 hiccup finds his mother. Hiccup and his mother are very alike. There were two alfas a good alfa and a bad alfa. Alfas are giant dragons that control all the other dragons.  The two alfas had a fight the bad alfa won then all the good dragons turned bad even toothless. The bad alfa made toothless try to kill hiccup when his dad saved him but his dad died instead. Also, in the movie toothless challenged the alfa and toothless won then all of the good dragons that had turned bad became good again.

When the  movie was over we went home and popped the popcorn got the mattress ready.  Next, we started watching the movies  first we watched the lego movie then when dad got home we watched Hotel Transylvania.  By then the time was around nine o’clock when then we watched life of PI when that movie was finished the time was something like quarter to eleven. A few minutes later we were all fast asleep.

That morning when we woke up me and bo turned on the tv. A while after that we had breakfast. When we finished eating breakfast we went back to watching tv.  Later on during the day me and bo wanted to watch more movies.    

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Cloudy Lesson

A Cloudy Lesson

“Are you ready to make some clouds ?” said the old man to the little boy “okay” replied the little boy, “but how ?”. “With this” said the man taking what looked like a old rusty bubble blower out of a neat wooden box with velvet  inside. Then he put it on a stand in a little hole then he blew in it then out came a cloud. “Now it is your turn”said the man the little boy stood on the stand took a deep breath and blew into it then out came a …
tiny cloud. Just a little tiny cloud hmm thought the man “Try again“ said the man and he told the boy to blow harder “like this” said the man showing him now your turn. He blew into the cloud maker but this time nothing happened the boy tried again and again and the third time he he fell over landed on top of the cloud maker he stood up revealing the broken cloud maker “oh no” said the man it was in the wrong shape the boy tried to fix it but it didn’t work  just got worse. Then the little boys face lit up he had a plan. He started to fiddle with it until it was in the shape of a star  then he handed it to the man he blew into it and he made a star shaped cloud then the man gave it back to the boy this time the boy made it into a bunny then gave it to the man he did the same thing except this time when he blew into it it made a bunny shaped cloud then the man made it into the shape of a heart but this time he man gave it to the boy he blew into it and out came not a big heart but not a small heart it was just the right size the man hugged the boy and the boy hugged him back. :)


How To Annoy Your Mother

 How To Annoy My Mother
By Nikita Steffert

Our mum is the person who gave birth to us and there are many ways to annoy them and our mums also annoy their mums too. Sometimes we annoy them without even trying to. What do we do to annoy our mums ?

One of the ways to annoy your mum is by repeating yourself that means saying the same thing over and over and over again. We do it a lot sometimes we do it when we ask them a question then when they answer we stop paying attention so we ask them again. We also do it when we're traveling or hungry.

Another one is complaining and whining. Mums hate this and it really annoys them. It might happen when you have something for tea that you don’t like and you don’t want to eat it or when your brother or sister get something awesome and you don‘t get anything.

You can also annoy mums by fighting with your brothers or sisters. Everyone fights with their brothers and sisters even adults fight with their brothers and sisters but it is mostly kids. When kids fight with our brothers and sisters sometimes you shout which annoys our mums you hit punch and kick then you hurt the other person so they might cry or shout ow and that annoys your mum.

We annoy our mums by : Repeating yourself, Whining and Complaining, Fighting, Not Listening, Loud Noises, Annoying Sounds, A Big Mess
and heaps of other things. Everyone annoys their mum.