Friday, June 13, 2014

The mysterious house

The mysterious house

The idea behind my picture is mysterious things happen to people that live in this house. It gets scary so do not read it to a kids 7 and under because they will probably have nightmares and won’t sleep. what sort of book is this and what type of reader will be good for this book.

The book is about a family that has a house near the bush. Mysterious things happen to the family that lives in house and nobody knows why the strange things happen and soon they will find out. This is shown in my picture because I drew a picture of a house with slime oozing out of the wall.

I did the title in red with a little bit of black. I did that so it stands out compared to the background. I put it above the picture of the house so they know that is the mysterious house. I also put it in block letters
so I could colour it in red.

I think that this book is a spooky book for people who like spooky stories.I will attract readers by making my work stand out.

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