Tuesday, April 01, 2014


A moa is an extinct bird that only lives in New Zealand. The moa was part of a group including kiwi’s and emus.

A moa is a bird with a really long neck and is much taller than people. A moa looks about the same as a emu. The moa can be from 2.5 meters to over 3 meters tall and weighs 250kgs.

A moa only lives in New Zealand. At Stewart Island , Great Barrier  and  D'Urville . The moa lives in the bush and forest where they have what they need.

- Did you know that the moa is extinct because it was hunted and killed for food.
- A moa is a flightless bird that lives in New Zealand.

- There were 10 different species of the Moa one the different species of moas is called a little bush moa.

The moa belongs to a group of birds that only live in New Zealand. A moa is also extinct.


  1. Wow Nikita! That was a lot of interesting facts about Moa. I liked that you wrote the facts about Moa in detail so we know exactly what you are telling us. somtimes you have missed a the capital letter at the start of Moa. Great work!

  2. AMAZING Work Nikita!
    I loved your report about Moa and you put in lots of amazing facts that I didn't know about Moa.
    Keep up the amazing work and keep on trying.