Friday, February 21, 2014

Weetbix Triathalon

Weetbix Triathlon
I was waiting on the seats. Finally it was time to race.I slipped in the pool then I was ready. On your marks get set go! I started to swim I was getting squashed and struggled to swim. I finished lap one and started lap two knowing the swim was almost done a little bit further.

Done! I ran out of the pool all the way to transition, dried myself a little bit slipped on my shoes,  put on my helmet and grabbed my bike and ran out of transition then I hopped on my bike. I biked down the path around the corner and down the street. Nobody has passed me.  I start to speed up, then I started to pass people. After a while, I had one more round to do in the bike when that was over I came back into transition took off helmet and parked my bike and started my run.


I ran out of transition and started the run it was a long run but I wasn't going to give up. I was very puffed so I was only running slowly then when I got more energy I would speed up a little bit. The run was the last thing and I was saving energy for the finish. My oldest cousin who had already finished started to run with me I saw my brother bike past I waved to him. Now I was so close to finishing I turned the corner and saw the finish line now was the time to use the energy I had saved so I speed up for the finish and sprinted past the finish line I was so happy that I felt like I could do it over and over again. After that me and my cousin found my brother and started running with  him.         

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  1. Hi Nikita, that was fantastic how you were able to support Bowen during the triathlon. He would've really appreciated that. Your writing gave me a very good picture in my head of you speeding up to reach the finish! Good job...