Friday, October 31, 2014

An Unbelievable Adventure


“GET READY TO FIRE THE CANNON” the captain shouted at me. We were in war yet all our pirate crew wanted to do was sail the seven seas, find all hidden the treasure, capture all the pirate crews and take their ships and treasure. It’s not much really and for us it would be easy because we are by the best and awesomest crew around. “3,2,1, FIRE” shouted the captain. “BOOM” we shot hooray we hit we have three canons and we hit there ship in the right spot the everyone in the other crew jumped of the ships and started swimming away and people from my crew were all ready over fixing their ship. we hooked it up behind the other ships that we had. We caught the crew and made them our prisoners then we went fishing and caught heaps of fish. That night we had to get up at 12:00 pm because we were in war again but this time we were in war with a giant octopus and so far it was winning once again we fired the cannons we hit him he fell down under the water we cheered hooray we thought he was gone when all of a sudden we heard a big splash. We were being lifted up into the air by the giant octopus. AAAAAHHHHHH we were being tipped into the water splash I woke up I was outside in our old boat, wearing a life jacket, holding a paddle and I was soaking wet. I stood up to see my sister standing in front of me holding an empty bucket. “You have a sleepwalking problem” she said. I nodded in disappointment.
The End.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


To work or not
This task is about making inferences from texts.

Read the four letters to the Editor and answer the questions that follow.
Everyday after school I have to go straight to my job at the supermarket.  I do this everyday.  Sometimes they ask me to work later.  My parents think I need to work to help the family.  I am very tired every night.  I sometimes even fall asleep at my desk. Life is hard.
I don't agree with students who complain about an after-school job.  I deliver newspapers 6 days a week and I still have time to watch TV and play games with my friends. Lots of students have jobs to do. When our teacher questions our effort some of the class say they are too tired.  I think they are lazy.

Having an after-school job is very important. It's a good change from school and I like my job at McDonalds, it's fun and interesting. My Mum and Dad appreciate my working and not asking them for money, but they sometimes worry that I am missing out on other school activities. I like it when I can help the family.
I think having an after-school job is a bad idea. We need time to do other important things. I play basketball twice a week and that keeps me fit. I am also learning the guitar and in the future I want to be a musician. If I worked I'd have no time for sport and music.  It's also important to have time with our friends.
a)   Who thinks that an after-school job is a bad idea?  Highlight one or more of
     the names below.
Kirsten            Jabez           Hue              Nick
b) Which student is finding working after school hard?  Nick      

Why? Because he has sports

c)      Which student discusses other students' opinions? Jabez

d)      Imagine you have to give a talk to your class about the four letters to the editor.  Highlight   the letter of the best title for your class talk.

        (A)    Why after-school jobs are important.
        (B)    What students think about after-school jobs.
        (C)    What we can learn from after-school jobs.
        (D)    How after-school work helps parents cope financially.

e)      Draw lines to connect each student with the main idea of their letter.

Nick 2
         After-school work is useful and enjoyable.
Kirsten 3
Students must have time to do a range of things.
Jabez 4
After-school work is demanding and tiring.
Hue 1
Concerns about after-school work are not serious.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The best part of me - My eyes

MY EYESThe best part of me   Google Docs.png
My eyes are the best part of me
They help me see far out at sea
My eyes are a darkish blue
They help me see amazing views
They help me see the stars at night
and they help me see the sun shine bright

Bar vs Line graph

Bar Graph: A bar graph is a chart that uses bars to show comparisons between different categories of data.

Line Graph: A graph that uses points connected by lines to show how something changes in value (as time goes by, or as something else happens). Based on one set data.

Below is a list of different types of graphs.  Cut and paste them into the column you think they belong in.

Bar Graph
Line Graph
Room 10’s favourite colour

What fruit do we have in our lunch box?

How children come to school

How long you can hold your breath for

Most common number rolled on a dice.

Lemonade sales over a week.

Temperatures in March

The height of a bean plant over 2 months

Depth of a bath

How I felt over yachting week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Big And Very Crazy Party

Write 3 paragraphs explaining what just happened.

The Big And Very Crazy Party

Here’s a new story one you’ve never heard before about two dogs. The names of the dogs are whiskers and coco. Whiskers is a cheeky dog who loves to play he is a creamy color and he is two years old. Coco is also very playful, he is quite smart and loves to boss whiskers around. Coco is a chocolaty color and he is three years old. One day one very special day coco overheard his owners talking. They were talking about their daughters birthday she was turning nine. That night they took her out to a restaurant. When they left coco told whiskers about the party. When whiskers heard cocos plan whisker jumped up and ran into a cuboard coco heard a few crash noises then whiskers ran out dragging streamers, ribbons and loads of different party stuff. Whiskers darted around the house hanging all the ribbons and streamers up and in no time at all they were ready for the party. They had heaps of time so whiskers  got out some silly string whiskers and coco started playing with the silly string. When their owners returned whiskers and coco realized something was wrong.        

The Story Of Leapy The Frog


The Story Of Leapy The Frog.

It all started the 1st day of summer when leapy was jumping around the backyard of his house gathering bits and pieces for something so amazing something that he had been working on for days something so tricky that only one frog had ever tried it before and that one frog that tried it never returned. Leapy was building a boat to sail around the world. Leapy worked hard on his boat all day and all night.

He only took breaks when his mum called for  him in for lunch and dinner. Finally when the rest of Leapy’s family were about to get up Leapy finished his boat and he was so tired that he fall asleep in his boat. Leapy woke up to find his family waiting for him with his breakfast so he got up and ate his breakfast. That afternoon he went down to the small pond that wasn't that far from his house to test his boat.

First he put his boat in with nothing in it then he pushed it to the other side of the pond then leapy jumped around to the other side of the pond to catch the boat it floated perfectly. Then he put a few rocks inside his boat and pushed it to the other side. “So far so good” leapy said to his self as he leaped to the other side of the pond with his eye still on the boat. Once again the boat made it safely to the other side of the pond. Then it was time for leapy to test the boat properly. Leapy climbed into the boat. As leapy sat down he realized that something was missing. Leapy wasn’t sure what was missing then he realized he needed a paddle so he gathered stuff around for his paddle. When he finished his paddle he climbed in his boat and paddled across the pond and his boat was floating perfectly.

When leapy came home added a bit more to his boat. Leapy added stuff like a flap and important things that he would need. That night a strange frog washed up on shore he leaped up to leapy‘s house he saw the boat and realized that he was going to try to sail around the world so he took the boat and messed it up. When he returned the boat it just looked like a shelter. That morning when leapy woke up he went outside to check his boat when he saw his boat he almost had a heart attack he jumped right up to his boat there on what used to be an amazing boat was a note. The note was from the most naughtiest frog he had stolen leapys boat. It was then that leapy realized that if he sailed around the world he would be gone for such a long time that he would really miss his family. So leapy stayed with his family forever. He did not want to leave his family at all.

Friday, August 01, 2014


Who in Hastings loves rugby the most ? Dad is very funny he is always being sarcastic and joking around. When ever he is in a good mood there is always a smile on his face and when he is in a bad mood you better do what he tells you. Dad can also be very cheeky like whenever mum is away we usually have takeaways for tea and a yummy breakfast. Or when we are leaving and somebody is taking to long dad will pretend to leave them behind.

Dad is also really fun like in the summer he will always have water balloon fights with us. He really likes rugby and he is often doing stuff that has something to do with rugby. He always has something to do. My dad doesn't really get any time with me and Bo because we are all busy. You will usually find dad somewhere doing something to do with rugby.

Dad is always running around because he always has somewhere he has to be. On Mondays and thursdays dad has tenth grade practice, on fridays he has bo’s rugby practice. On saturdays he refs rugby, has bo’s rugby and he also has tenth grades rugby game. When dad has free time he always spends it with bo and me.

Rugby is really special to dad.  He started playing rugby when he was  young and is still playing a few games of rugby now. Dad also spends a lot of time on facebook and youtube. Dad acts like he is still young, well, thats what I have heard mum say. Dad is maori he loves taking us to anything exciting and important at our marae and sometimes we go there to visit and look around but every time we go there we visit our urupa (graveyard ).  

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Movies

Wow what an exciting day on Tuesday we had a movie night.  It started  when we went to Breakers for lunch  and then we went to the movies. We watched how to train your Dragon 2 it was really funny and cool.

In how to train your Dragon 2 hiccup finds his mother. Hiccup and his mother are very alike. There were two alfas a good alfa and a bad alfa. Alfas are giant dragons that control all the other dragons.  The two alfas had a fight the bad alfa won then all the good dragons turned bad even toothless. The bad alfa made toothless try to kill hiccup when his dad saved him but his dad died instead. Also, in the movie toothless challenged the alfa and toothless won then all of the good dragons that had turned bad became good again.

When the  movie was over we went home and popped the popcorn got the mattress ready.  Next, we started watching the movies  first we watched the lego movie then when dad got home we watched Hotel Transylvania.  By then the time was around nine o’clock when then we watched life of PI when that movie was finished the time was something like quarter to eleven. A few minutes later we were all fast asleep.

That morning when we woke up me and bo turned on the tv. A while after that we had breakfast. When we finished eating breakfast we went back to watching tv.  Later on during the day me and bo wanted to watch more movies.    

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Cloudy Lesson

A Cloudy Lesson

“Are you ready to make some clouds ?” said the old man to the little boy “okay” replied the little boy, “but how ?”. “With this” said the man taking what looked like a old rusty bubble blower out of a neat wooden box with velvet  inside. Then he put it on a stand in a little hole then he blew in it then out came a cloud. “Now it is your turn”said the man the little boy stood on the stand took a deep breath and blew into it then out came a …
tiny cloud. Just a little tiny cloud hmm thought the man “Try again“ said the man and he told the boy to blow harder “like this” said the man showing him now your turn. He blew into the cloud maker but this time nothing happened the boy tried again and again and the third time he he fell over landed on top of the cloud maker he stood up revealing the broken cloud maker “oh no” said the man it was in the wrong shape the boy tried to fix it but it didn’t work  just got worse. Then the little boys face lit up he had a plan. He started to fiddle with it until it was in the shape of a star  then he handed it to the man he blew into it and he made a star shaped cloud then the man gave it back to the boy this time the boy made it into a bunny then gave it to the man he did the same thing except this time when he blew into it it made a bunny shaped cloud then the man made it into the shape of a heart but this time he man gave it to the boy he blew into it and out came not a big heart but not a small heart it was just the right size the man hugged the boy and the boy hugged him back. :)


How To Annoy Your Mother

 How To Annoy My Mother
By Nikita Steffert

Our mum is the person who gave birth to us and there are many ways to annoy them and our mums also annoy their mums too. Sometimes we annoy them without even trying to. What do we do to annoy our mums ?

One of the ways to annoy your mum is by repeating yourself that means saying the same thing over and over and over again. We do it a lot sometimes we do it when we ask them a question then when they answer we stop paying attention so we ask them again. We also do it when we're traveling or hungry.

Another one is complaining and whining. Mums hate this and it really annoys them. It might happen when you have something for tea that you don’t like and you don’t want to eat it or when your brother or sister get something awesome and you don‘t get anything.

You can also annoy mums by fighting with your brothers or sisters. Everyone fights with their brothers and sisters even adults fight with their brothers and sisters but it is mostly kids. When kids fight with our brothers and sisters sometimes you shout which annoys our mums you hit punch and kick then you hurt the other person so they might cry or shout ow and that annoys your mum.

We annoy our mums by : Repeating yourself, Whining and Complaining, Fighting, Not Listening, Loud Noises, Annoying Sounds, A Big Mess
and heaps of other things. Everyone annoys their mum.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


On Tuesday the 17th June We did our Matariki workshops and before that we watched kahurangi perform a Matariki show. Then we were split into groups. I was in the group that was doing cooking we went to the staff room. Then we got split into two groups The people in my group were me Kyrah, Alesha and Nikita N. The ingredients for fried bread are :
  • flour
  • baking soda
  • sugar
  • salt
  • warm water

Nikita .N and aleesha put in the flour me and kyrah put in the baking  soda then our adult put the sugar, salt and warm water in. Aleesha and Nikita N mixed it and me and kyrah needed it then we waited for a while. After that we needed it again then we cut them and it was time to cook them. We cook them in a pot full of hot oil two at a time. When they had all been cooked we got to eat them. I had two I put golden syrup and butter in mine it was delicious but very filling.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

The mysterious house

The mysterious house

The idea behind my picture is mysterious things happen to people that live in this house. It gets scary so do not read it to a kids 7 and under because they will probably have nightmares and won’t sleep. what sort of book is this and what type of reader will be good for this book.

The book is about a family that has a house near the bush. Mysterious things happen to the family that lives in house and nobody knows why the strange things happen and soon they will find out. This is shown in my picture because I drew a picture of a house with slime oozing out of the wall.

I did the title in red with a little bit of black. I did that so it stands out compared to the background. I put it above the picture of the house so they know that is the mysterious house. I also put it in block letters
so I could colour it in red.

I think that this book is a spooky book for people who like spooky stories.I will attract readers by making my work stand out.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


A moa is an extinct bird that only lives in New Zealand. The moa was part of a group including kiwi’s and emus.

A moa is a bird with a really long neck and is much taller than people. A moa looks about the same as a emu. The moa can be from 2.5 meters to over 3 meters tall and weighs 250kgs.

A moa only lives in New Zealand. At Stewart Island , Great Barrier  and  D'Urville . The moa lives in the bush and forest where they have what they need.

- Did you know that the moa is extinct because it was hunted and killed for food.
- A moa is a flightless bird that lives in New Zealand.

- There were 10 different species of the Moa one the different species of moas is called a little bush moa.

The moa belongs to a group of birds that only live in New Zealand. A moa is also extinct.