Friday, November 27, 2015


My Cousin Yana

My cousin Yana is 11, it is her first year at intermediate and she goes to Havelock North Intermediate. Yana is encouraging , entertaining and kind.
She is a great cousin just what you want. Yana does a few sports. 
She has a younger sister called Vaya who is 9 and quite short.

Honestly I think Yana is very  encouraging because whenever I am scared or worried she will boost my confidence. “ Come on Kita it’s really fun ” , she says encouraging me to trot on her sister's horse squirt. She is kind and loving. I can always count on her for anything. I know Yana will always look out for me. Also Yana is very  entertaining and funny.  She always makes me happy.  Yana is so funny.  Somehow she gets the story wrong. If I told Yana I was going to the movies with my friends she would somehow twist it up forgetting what I said to her. Also Yana always has something random to say which always makes me laugh. Once when we were talking about school when she all of a sudden said, “did you know that the power boxes have been painted? ”
“No I didn’t but I thought we were talking about school” I replied.

Yana does horse riding she rides a horse called Diamond. Diamond is brown, dark brown and he has white spots. He is called Diamond because he has a white Diamond on his forehead. Diamond is very old and lazy and when they go riding  all diamond wants to do is eat. Yana's sister Vaya also does horse riding her horse is called squirt. Yana does stuff like trotting and other tricks on Squirt. Yana is a really good at horse riding she can make Squirt stop, walk and then trot.  “Stop”, Yana says loud and clearly, Squirt stops.  “Walk” calls Yana and Squirt walks. “Trot” and off goes Squirt trotting around. Yana also does sport like netball, indoor netball and touch rugby.
Yana lives in Havelock with her mum Tracy, her dad Gavin and her sister Vaya. They live on a hill near birdwoods gallery.  Whenever we stay there Aunty Tracy spoils us. Sometimes Yana will get stroppy if she is tired. She argues with her mum over silly things. Aunty Tracy responds by shouting and yelling at Yana through the house. They have a really nice house with plenty of room. Their house is just down the road or hill from my Nan and pop. They have a big lawn, a garden and a nice outside area with lots of room and space. Yana has her own room. Yana loves her family.
Yana Is kind, encouraging and entertaining. She loves horses and she does a few sports. Yana has a great family that are kind like her. I  love Yana and she loves me. Overall Yana is a great cousin. Just what everyone wants.

Friday, May 22, 2015


 Both Tents                                       

IMG_0345.JPG The Working Out

Inventing Tenting Part 1

Inventing Tenting
The Plan
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IMG_0361.JPG The Final The Practise  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Spider Attack

Hello there I am bobo. I am a spider you might be scared of spiders but don’t worry I’m friendly.  I am here spinning my web when I see another spider and an ant. The spider is webbing up the ant. I decided to watch them for a while. I feel like eating one and saving one for later but, they are keeping very entertained. This spider must be still training because it is not very smart. The spider keeps running around the ant wrapping it in its web. Finally I decide to eat the spider. It was just driving me crazy watching it make all the mistakes it possibly could make. Wow I say that spider tasted good. When I had finished eating the spider I saw the ant still wriggling in pain so I decided to put it out of its misery and ... I ate the ant to.